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Chromebook Collection

Chromebook Collection will be Thursday, May 19th for all students.

Students must turn in the Chromebook in the Gumdrop case and both parts of their charger.

The lost charger fee is $30.

Order Your Yearbook

Order your 2021-2022 yearbook until Friday, June 24, 2022. The cost is $25.95.

Link to Order

2022-2023 CMS Cheerleaders

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 CMS Mustang Cheerleaders!

Alyssa Boudreaux
Kadence Bryan
Addison Campbell
Kenzie Capell
Demi Danzie
Molly Decoteau
Victoria Dille
Mar'kalah Georgetown
Breelyn Gray
Jacie Hebert
Brayleigh Johnson
Anjali Jouette
Kylie Lanoux
Saige Mitchell
Ryleigh Perry
Kenna Presley
Londyn Quinn
Sophia Roddy
Dereon Thompson
Olivia Wascom


2022-2023 Dance Team

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 CMS Mustangs Dance Team.

Kailey Melancon
Amelia Smith
Lily Melancon
Jana Helmke
Maggie Davis
Lacie Gulino
Bailey Holt
Elianny Cabrera
Abigail Barleycorn
Ka'Rynn Harness
Sara Bertucci
Mya Coleman
Stella Krass
Emmaly Pastorchik
Elizabeth Delaney

Order Your Yearbook

Order your 2021-2022 yearbook until Friday, June 24, 2022. The cost is $25.95.

Link to Order

Track Season Complete!

The Championship Meet at St. Amant High on March 9th brought an end to a very energetic and enjoyable Track & Field season at Central Middle. We had an incredible number of students show interest in joining the team, that number reaching more than 120 students. Unfortunately, as is with any sport, we had to make cuts and made final rosters that consisted of 38 boys and 34 girls. These athletes were challenged and pushed to their limits, and they answered the call every single time. After three grueling meets, where the athletes tested their abilities, we finally reached the end of our journey.

The Girls Team improved their Team Score from 26 Points at the Scoring Meet to 45 Points at the Championship Meet.

The Boys Team battled with Galvez for 1st, scoring an impressive 2nd Place Parish finish.

Below is a list of the times and distances achieved by each athlete at the Championship Meet, as well as their finish (If it was top 6). PR = Personal Record


Boy Athlete


Girl Athlete


100 Meter

Broussard, Jalen

11.73 (PR, Parish Season Best)

Briggs, Cydnei


200 Meter

Blake, Carlos

25.65 (PR, 2nd in Parish)

Betts, Brielle

30.24 (PR, 6th in Parish)

Broussard, Jalen

25.90 (3rd in Parish)

Briggs, Cydnei


400 Meter

Javius, Javon

58.50 (PR, Parish Season Best)

Decoteau, Molly

1:08.84 (PR, 2nd in Parish)

Harelson, Jayce

59.54 (4th in Parish)

Davis, Maggie

1:11.86 (6th in Parish)

800 Meter

Stephens, Kade

2:28.47 (3rd in Parish)

Bernardino, Juanita

2:58.59 (4th in Parish)

Benitez, Kelvin

2:29.87 (5th in Parish)

Melancon, Kailey

3:09.07 (PR)

1600 Meter

Delaune, Clayton

5:54.87 (5th in Parish)

Hebert, Madison

6:49.10 (6th in Parish)

Campbell, Addison

7:15.03 (PR)

3200 Meter

Aucoin, Joshua

12:42.37 (PR, 6th in Parish)

Baker, Savannah

16:03.67 (PR)

Decareaux, Jace

12:46.65 (PR)


Javius, Javon


Darville, Kailee

18.18 (PR, 3rd in Parish)

Landry, Dawson


Berthelot, Hartley

19.16 (PR)

Shot Put

Stone, Cameron

35-9.00 (3rd in Parish)

Betts, Brielle

28-5.00 (PR, 4th in Parish)

Vicknair, Hayden

34-0.00 (6th in Parish)

Baker, Savannah

24-5.00 (PR)


Stone, Cameron

99-00 (PR, 4th in Parish)

Davis, Danya

64-06 (PR)

Hodge, Andre

96-09 (5th in Parish)

Vincent, Marlee

57-03 (PR)


Piper, Brennan

96-01.50 (PR)

Davis, Danya

72-01 (PR, 5th in Parish)

Waggenspack, Willis

94-05 (PR)

Creel, McKenzie

56-07 (PR)

Long Jump

Turrubiartes, Eric

16-2.00 (PR, 3rd in Parish)

Nixon, Janihya

12-6.00 (PR)

Stone, Cameron

16-0.00 (5th in Parish)

Franklin, Mariyah


High Jump

Long, Jordan

5-0.00 (4th in Parish)

Helmke, Jana


Stone, Cameron


Mitchell, Saige




1st Leg

2nd Leg

3rd Leg

4th Leg


Girls 4 x 100

Cydnei Briggs

Kailee Darville

Clementine Faucheux

Brielle Betts

56.61 (Team Season Best, 5th in Parish)

Girls 4 x 200

Cydnei Briggs

Molly Decoteau

Clementine Faucheux

Brielle Betts

2:01.26 (Team Season Best, 2nd in Parish)

Girls 4 x 400

Molly Decoteau

Layla Vongphackdy



Bryce Lonidier

4:49.27 (Team Season Best, 2nd in Parish)

Boys 4 x 100

Eric Turrubiartes





Jalen Broussard

49.26 (Team Season Best, 2nd in Parish)

Boys 4 x 200

Eric Turrubiartes





Jalen Broussard

1:40.28 (SCHOOL RECORD, 1st in Parish)

Boys 4 x 400









4:01.40 (SCHOOL RECORD, 1st in Parish)


Beta Officers Elected

Congratulations to our newly elected Beta officers!

Chaplain: Elizabeth Bertucci
Reporter: Olivia Jones
Secretary: Paisley Coulon
Vice President: Cydnei Briggs
President: Taylor Smith

Book Fair Success!

A great big THANK YOU to all students and families who made purchases from our book fair. We exceeded our goal of $5000 in purchases. Please continue to encourage your children to read for information or for pleasure.

New Teacher of the Year

Garrett Warren is a first-year teacher at Central Middle School, teaching 8th-grade science. He graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree. After living in Ruston through his college career, he moved to Prairieville with his wife, Nicole, to start his new life and found himself getting his alternative teaching certification and teaching at Central Middle School. He is looking forward to his future in this career and helping his students reach their highest potential.

Spring Portraits

Spring pictures will be taken on Thursday, March 24, by Jacklyn Photography. They will be proof before purchase. The attached flyer has a link to register your student to take Spring pictures.