Central Middle School has consistently maintained a school letter grade of a B since the current accountability system. The school did achieve a school letter grade of an “A”  during the 2013-14 school year. However, during the past three years, the state assessments have changed in order to accommodate new state standards and curriculum. We have been consistent in maintaining our “B” letter grade despite more rigorous assessments. 
We have been successful in our implementation of our 1:1 computing with Google Chromebooks. This has allowed us to utilize our devices to enhance learning in the classroom. In addition, we were awarded a grant for our Robotics stem program and our Gardening Project. As we continue to grow our extending learning opportunities, we have more than half of our student population involved in extracurricular activities and service organizations. 
Our curriculum implementation of Springboard in English Language Arts has made a positive impact on our state assessment in language arts with more students becoming proficient. In addition, our students and parents have an overall positive perception of the school culture. We attribute this to our committed staff and consistent communication but also, our advisory mentors that address school-wide concerns. Our parent-teacher organization (MPACT) has increased its involvement at our school that goes beyond just meetings. Parents are actively involved in school activities and volunteer opportunities.  
Central Middle School is continuing to progress in our school-wide advisory program in order to support students academically, socially and emotionally. Also, while there has been improvement in the area of math, we will continue to build our math intervention program in order to ensure that all students show proficiency and growth in math. Our future goal will be to extend the school wide tiered interventions to all content areas. Finally, Central Middle School will continue to provide a rigorous core curriculum and opportunities to earn more high school credits in order to prepare students for high school and careers.